Lola at the Copa: An Intuitive Piece of Art

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Lola at the Copa

Who is Lola at the Copa?

Most people like listening to music from their past, oldies. I grew up in the 70s but  not a fan of music from that decade recorded on vinyl or 8-track tapes. The other day, Barry Manilow’s song, “Copacabana” popped into my head and played over and over again. Yes, Lola at the Copa began to  perform loud and clear. Buy why? At first, I thought it was a message from the Universe telling me to take a trip to Rio or Cuba (places I’ve always wanted to visit). The next thought, how to eject the torturous 8-track from my mind.

The only feasible remedy that came to mind was to create a piece of art around the song in the hopes it would  bring relief; My “Lola” was the result.

About the Song

Manilow says that the song was written in just fifteen minutes. Something interesting I discovered was that the song was a rather downer. The music appears to be upbeat on the surface, however, the words are dark. They describe a woman, Lola, the showgirl, who went stark-raving made after her bartender boyfriend was shot and killed.  Thirty years later, the showgirl remains insane. Barry won his first and only Grammy and the song was an international success. 

Meet Lola, my interpretation of a stark-raving mad Rio showgirl.

My Process

Mixed media is my medium of choice, however, my methodology varies; at times the piece the piece is planned, but most of the time, the process is intuitive. This process can happen overnight, but most of the time it takes days to a couple of weeks to complete.

“Intuition was like having a carrier pigeon with a message land on your balcony.The important thing is knowing that the pigeon has arrived. You don’t have to unroll the message and read it. Picasso

My intuition comes from my Sicilian heritage. I learned long ago that if this sense is ignored, it usually comes back to bite me. I have gotten tremendous inspiration from my gut feelings and suggest you try it on for size. I was never one to follow the rules, so this works perfectly for me.

Lola was created using India ink, watercolor and acrylic. Hope you like her![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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